How to Repair Concrete Steps

Concrete steps are a convenient and inexpensive way to provide sturdy stairs both indoors and out. Concrete stairs wear over time, and are susceptible to scratches, stains and erosion from products used to remove ice from stairs. Whether your concrete stairs are cracked, wearing down from erosion, or crumbling in areas, learning how to repair concrete steps is possible using some basic materials and tools. Continue reading How to Repair Concrete Steps

Concrete Floor Care Tips and Tricks

Concrete floors in an industrial setting take a beating. To extend the life of a concrete floor that is subject to chemical spills, erosion, and wear, it’s important to protect the floor using anti-corrosive coatings that are heat, chemical and wear resistant. To practice good concrete floor care, it’s important to do routine inspections on a regular basis to look for cracks, stains, chipping or corrosion so that they can be repaired quickly without becoming a bigger problem. Continue reading Concrete Floor Care Tips and Tricks